Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's only been 2+ months

So it's only been two plus months since I last posted anything...let's see, is it even possible to "catch up...?" I don't think so. Here is a quick catch up...
Scott is still teaching kindergarten, likes it but hates how small his paycheck is. He has thought about changing careers to something more enjoyable (he wants to carry a gun and make more money). For now he is going to stay put in Warden. He is almost done with his masters. He is changing his focus from professional learning to Principalship. This way, he won't have to go back to school later.
Jenn is training to run a half marathon. She has done very well and been absurdly dedicated to exercising. It is making Scott feel more and more lazy, but not enough for him to change his ways. In fact I think he enjoys eating butterfingers even more now since Jen can't steal a bite. We had a real crappy fluey thing hit our house this past week along with other complications that just made living/being awake a miserable experience. Scott worked through the experience and Jenn tended to kids. She is amazing.
All the girls are in school and doing quit well. Courtney is in 4th grade and on Safety Patrol. She is in the same class as her best friend, so that makes it nice. Megan is doing her own thing (as usual) in Warden with Scott. Hazel is in kindergarten and is near the top of her class. She is really enjoying school. Myles is teaching Jace how to shoot guns. Jace now can grab an object that Myles has used as a gun, point it, then make the uuuuhhhhh sound for shooting it. It's pretty funny. That's about it. Now to somethings a little more fun.

1) For Scott's birthday Jenn went above and beyond awesome wifeness and got him a new gun.

Here it is again with his new scope

2) We woke up today to Courtney saying "Mom, come and look at the kitchen table, it's been frosted!" We were just as confused as you might be. Here's what we found.

A dust storm hit last night and we left a window open on accident. Courtney had already begun drawing in the "frosting."

a better view of how much "frosting" there was. This is after I started cleaning up the mess. It took most of the morning to get this place cleaned back up. So gross!

We had a large dust Storm that hit over the night and knocked down our tree in our front yard. The wind must have been blowing pretty hard.

Hopefully it wont be another 2+ months before we update this again.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jace 8 months

So stinking cute....thats all :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

My brother sent me this video and I think it is hilarious. If you want it, let me know.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PS to update

I forgot to mention a little story about Myles. Those of you who know Myles also know he as a fascination that is boarder line unhealthy with guns and shooting people. We try to keep him from shooting everyone and everything with his finger gun, however our feeble attempts are not as progressive as we would like. During our trip, he unholstered his finger gun and was shooting everyone, so I gave him a warning. He said "OKAAAAAY!" A few minutes later he was once again leading a massacre again. I looked at him and said "MYLES! Put your gun away!" He looked at me, his smile disappeared, his head hung low, and he walked across our hotel room with shoulders drooped. He walks up to the little table by the microwave, places his hand in the shape of his gun on the table holds it there for about 4 seconds, changes the shape of his hand (back to normal) and goes and sits down. We didn't have another "gun" incident for the rest of the afternoon. It was hilarious.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick Update

So we are currently in Idaho at the Holiday Inn Express...and yes I do feel smarter! Ther is a fun little family funcenter attached here called Triple Play. This place consists of go-carts, bumper boats, minigolf, bowling, lazer-tag, rock climbing, arcade, wavepool, and waterslides. Bottom line, we are having fun and enjoying the time together. A few funny things that have been going on here. We went out mini golfing today and Myles wanted to golf too. He took a ball and club then kept saying "I spank it!" He kept hitting the ball as hard as he could then saying "I spank it!" He would cut in front of everyone adn say "Me turn!" He has just been funny. At the end fo the day I took the kids back to the pool to finish off the night. When we got back he starts smiling, walks to me and says "Hi daddy, how was your day?" He is just the funniest, most lovable kid ever. Here are some pics to finish off the post.

This is the todler play area complete w/slides

Hazel Swimming

Megan and Court enjoying the pool.

The kids play area dumping around 350 gallons over everything.

Court and Megan trying to go under the waves in the pool.

Bumper boating Courtney got soaked.

Doing a little golfing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Life gets going so fast, and before I know it so much has happened that I don't have the time of patience to sit and recall it all so here is a quick overview. This month so far...
1. The kids are done with school
2. This means Megan is off her ADHD meds for the summer *sigh* (not in a good way)
3. Hazel started Kinder Camp in Warden
4. Jace finally had 2 teeth break through
5. He also started solids and LOVES them...He can't stop
6. Hazel gave herself a black eye with a banana
7. Courtney learned to use the Heeleys we gave her for her birthday and now we can't convince her to take them off
8. Myles can swim with just his floaties
9. Jenny started working part time in Moses Lake at Priscilla's boutique
10. Scott and Hazel are done with School and Kinder Camp
11. The girls got haircuts
12. Jenny finished her quilts that she has been working on for 2 years...Pictures to come
13. Scott got his financial aid reinstated
14. Our strawberries are on. Yea!!
15. Megan got 8 staples in the back of her head

And we still have the other half of the month to go!

I am going to go into a little detail about Megan and her staples...
Saturday morning we woke up, had breakfast, and proceeded to do our Saturday chores around the house. We were nearly done when Megan came to me complaining that she could not shut her drawers because they had too many clothes in them. I told her to go take all the winter clothes out so we could put them away for summer. A few minutes passed when we heard a crash and Courtney screaming. Megan had pulled too hard on one of her drawers and the whole dresser came crashing down on top of her...along with the 10 gallon glass fish tank that was on top. Scott rushed in to help her and told me to get some towels to sop up the water. Scott carried Megan into the bathroom covered in blood. I stuck her in the shower so we could find out where it was coming from. We soon found the huge gash on the back of her head and a cut on the side of her neck. I threw a nightgown on her and rushed her to the hospital. The doctor looked at her and decided that she needed staples. While they went out to get the "stapler" ready megan wispered to me through her tears "mom, you need to pray with me that heavenly father will be here". So we did. They stapled Megs head 8 times and superglued the cut on her neck back together. She was a trooper. She had a couple of nicks from the tank shattering on her. The nurse came to discharge her, and gave me all the papers for the after care and this is what it said to do...
1. Home to rest
2. Staples out in 7-10 days in clinic
3. Tylenol or Motrin as needed for pain
4. Take Megan shopping for new fish
After this experience she says that she dosen't want to EVER have a fish tank again. I agree with her. She also said she wanted to eat the sucker fish for dinner.

I was so gratful for my heavenly father for looking over us. And for a nurse with an awesome sense of humor.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i'm so probably think this blog is about me

This was a challenge from my sister Liz....who was challenged from a friend...and I am passing it on to you...

First I got all dressed up. This rarely happens because I do have 5 kids, and lets face it...I am last on the totem pole when it comes to hot showers and fancy clothes.
But today was different, I was feeling kind of "mommy hot" and went outside for some pictures. I took about a hundred (thinking one out of a hundred was probable)and soon went inside after getting some funny looks from the cars passing by. Once inside I flipped through my pictures and thought "Hey I'm not so bad looking". So I sat on my couch by the window and took some more...

This was fun...I hate having pictures taken of myself. I feel like i am never ready and turn out looking stupid, but with me manning the camera I was always ready...thus the same face in all of them ") Looking over them I found that I like what I see...and more importantly who I am. I think I will even get one made up for my husband to put on his desk at work.

So now it's your turn! Have a good attitude, get all prettied up, and go take some pictures!! You'll have fun and feel great!! Take some of yourself. Or have your husband or kids take some...see your self through their eyes. Or call me. It will be fun! Can't wait to see what you do!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today I am watching Nenas kids. I took them to mcdonalds and bought them all a kiddie cone. Beckham was in the middle in the second row of the durango so he got the job of handing them out to everyone as I gave them to him. He did an excellent job until he got to the last one...his. as I handed it to him his fingers slipped and it fell icecream down on the floor. As he picked it up I tried to console him seeing the disapointment on his face. He took one look and was so excited YUM SPRINKLES!! and before I could stop him he devoured it (flecks of dirt and grass and who knows what else). maybe I am a bad babysitter, but I couldn't help but laugh. Such a funny kid

Thursday, May 21, 2009

6 months old

Yes this is a big milestone in life...the big 6th month...1/2 year post
Jace is getting to be such a big boy! He rolls both ways, plays with toys, and loves his binky. He is not quite sitting up yet but it won't be too much longer i'm sure. He weighs a ton (about 20 lbs) and has a ton of squishy rolls. He also coos and has a smile that lights up the room. I can't believe that even though he has the chubbiest cheeks in history, when he smiles you can see a faint dimple. He still has no teeth but i am sure they aren't too far off either.He is not too keen on solid food, but I am still desperatly trying. I love this little guy!

When he is on his tummy gravity does a number on those cheeks ")

Courtney turns 9!

I got the honor this year of sharing mothers day with Courtney. She was born 9 years ago on May 10th. I really can't believe that it has already been that long. It sure goes by fast!

What a wonderful gift... to be able to share mothers day with my first born made this day extra special.
I love you Courtney Lauren, I am so greatful for the knowlege that you are eternally mine.
love mom

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's about time!

Jace has had a couple of really rough weeks. It all started about 3 weeks ago when he started being really fussy, kind of congested, and developed a really croupy cough. the next week it was all that plus diaherea, throwing up, a fever, plus he wasn't eating very well. the following week he developed an ear infection, eye gunk, and a rash all over his body. I took him back to the doctor for the 3rd time and they FINALLY put him on some antibiotics. Three days later *after not smiling for weeks* he looks like this today...

I am so glad to see his smile again!

Baby Powder...

I told Myles to get me the baby bad.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, Myles is freaking hilarious. He took a bath tonight, played, spilled water, the whole experience. Got done, dried off and ran around commando for a while. Decides to mark his territory. Jenn rushes him into the bathroom and he stands on the little stool we have in the bathroom. While standing there he begins to swivel left and right holding himself. He looks up at Jenn and says, "Turn it on mommy!" I Love this little kid!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meatball Man

For anyone who has been around Jace you all know that he is the most chubby uncontent boy ever. He refuses to take a bottle or even a binky to give mommy a little "me time". Not only "me time" but any peace and quiet time will do. when he isn't eating, he is fussing.(at least he is healthy) I have gotten pretty used to it and accepted the fact that this is just how it is. This morning he was his usual fussy self, I looked over and saw his binky laying there and thought should I try again? Why? I will just be let down. I, with false hope picked it up and put it in his mouth and to my surprise, he took it. YAY! It was a miracle! Not only did he take it but he fell asleep with it. I feel free for at least an hour. sigh!. I know that this may seem small to some but when I am constantly attached to my sweet baby and can't even leave him for an hour in fear that he will scream till I come home. This is truly a happy moment that I needed to document...

Does Jace kind of look like the godfather (Marlon Brando) in this picture to anyone else?

oh, and just so there is no confusion...Meatball man is what the girls have lovingly nicknamed Jace. I just love chubby babies and Jace has plenty to love. :)

finished product

Here are the bowls that we made in Utah. I forgot to feature a finished product picture of them. I love them! I am surprised that I could get a picture of them all clean. My kids have been using them constantly since we got them home. Any other bowl is inferior in their eyes.