Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, Myles is freaking hilarious. He took a bath tonight, played, spilled water, the whole experience. Got done, dried off and ran around commando for a while. Decides to mark his territory. Jenn rushes him into the bathroom and he stands on the little stool we have in the bathroom. While standing there he begins to swivel left and right holding himself. He looks up at Jenn and says, "Turn it on mommy!" I Love this little kid!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meatball Man

For anyone who has been around Jace you all know that he is the most chubby uncontent boy ever. He refuses to take a bottle or even a binky to give mommy a little "me time". Not only "me time" but any peace and quiet time will do. when he isn't eating, he is fussing.(at least he is healthy) I have gotten pretty used to it and accepted the fact that this is just how it is. This morning he was his usual fussy self, I looked over and saw his binky laying there and thought should I try again? Why? I will just be let down. I, with false hope picked it up and put it in his mouth and to my surprise, he took it. YAY! It was a miracle! Not only did he take it but he fell asleep with it. I feel free for at least an hour. sigh!. I know that this may seem small to some but when I am constantly attached to my sweet baby and can't even leave him for an hour in fear that he will scream till I come home. This is truly a happy moment that I needed to document...

Does Jace kind of look like the godfather (Marlon Brando) in this picture to anyone else?

oh, and just so there is no confusion...Meatball man is what the girls have lovingly nicknamed Jace. I just love chubby babies and Jace has plenty to love. :)

finished product

Here are the bowls that we made in Utah. I forgot to feature a finished product picture of them. I love them! I am surprised that I could get a picture of them all clean. My kids have been using them constantly since we got them home. Any other bowl is inferior in their eyes.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

spring break

Spring break this year Courtney, Megan, Hazel, Jace, and I all packed up and headed up to Utah to visit my ex inlaws and my sister Kathy. I was excited because it would give me a chance to spend some much needed time with my girls and do some fun and exciting things that I had never done before. We left on Sat morning early, around 3 in the morning, and arrived in Utah around 5 that evening. We went and ate dinner with all the Davis' at the Golden Corral. The next day was church and another get together with lots of family and friends. Monday we met up with my sister and went to a place called Color me mine. It was a pottery place where the kids each picked out something and painted. It was so much fun!! We spent about 3 hours painting. The kids each picked out a "cereal bowl" and had the time of their lives painting them. I painted one for Myles and Jace.

Don't you just love how Brooke is giving me the "stink eye"?
Tuesday dan and Rakae, Monica and her girls and us all went to Laffy Taffy Town. The kids LOVED it. they each picked 20 pieces of taffy off the wall behind them.

during the rest of the week we also went to the living planet aquarium, and the choclate factory, ate out at auntie annie, went shopping, the cheese factory, and went to Hill aerospace museum, Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, and I can't forget Cafe Rio...yum!!

The aquarium...

The choclate factory...

When we left the choclate factory all my girls decided they wanted to be choclate artists when they grow up...I'm so proud!
the cheese factory...

hill aerospace museum...

Hazel was so funny. She wanted me to take her picture next to the most handsome manequin...

We left Sunday morning, drove all day. We were all very excited to finally be home. I missed Scott and Myles so much. I kept wishing they were with us. Scott needed to finish up his Masters paper and we decided that taking the car we had to leave one of the kids home. With Myles being 2, Scott felt they needed some "male bonding time" They had a good , relaxing time here at home doing manly things.
It was a good experience and I want to go back next year and do the rest of the things on my list! but for now its back to life I guess

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kathy's little girl...

Spring break was last week. Courtney, megan, hazel, jace and I all took a trip down to Utah to visit my ex inlaws and my sister Kathy. I haven't seen my sister since she had Hailey. I took tons of pictures. Just look at those eyelashes and chubby cheeks. She is such a doll! Anyway, here they are Kathy...