Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's only been 2+ months

So it's only been two plus months since I last posted anything...let's see, is it even possible to "catch up...?" I don't think so. Here is a quick catch up...
Scott is still teaching kindergarten, likes it but hates how small his paycheck is. He has thought about changing careers to something more enjoyable (he wants to carry a gun and make more money). For now he is going to stay put in Warden. He is almost done with his masters. He is changing his focus from professional learning to Principalship. This way, he won't have to go back to school later.
Jenn is training to run a half marathon. She has done very well and been absurdly dedicated to exercising. It is making Scott feel more and more lazy, but not enough for him to change his ways. In fact I think he enjoys eating butterfingers even more now since Jen can't steal a bite. We had a real crappy fluey thing hit our house this past week along with other complications that just made living/being awake a miserable experience. Scott worked through the experience and Jenn tended to kids. She is amazing.
All the girls are in school and doing quit well. Courtney is in 4th grade and on Safety Patrol. She is in the same class as her best friend, so that makes it nice. Megan is doing her own thing (as usual) in Warden with Scott. Hazel is in kindergarten and is near the top of her class. She is really enjoying school. Myles is teaching Jace how to shoot guns. Jace now can grab an object that Myles has used as a gun, point it, then make the uuuuhhhhh sound for shooting it. It's pretty funny. That's about it. Now to somethings a little more fun.

1) For Scott's birthday Jenn went above and beyond awesome wifeness and got him a new gun.

Here it is again with his new scope

2) We woke up today to Courtney saying "Mom, come and look at the kitchen table, it's been frosted!" We were just as confused as you might be. Here's what we found.

A dust storm hit last night and we left a window open on accident. Courtney had already begun drawing in the "frosting."

a better view of how much "frosting" there was. This is after I started cleaning up the mess. It took most of the morning to get this place cleaned back up. So gross!

We had a large dust Storm that hit over the night and knocked down our tree in our front yard. The wind must have been blowing pretty hard.

Hopefully it wont be another 2+ months before we update this again.