Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things I love about Myles...

Today we were at the park and I took a couple of pics of Myles. As I was editing them tonight I couldn't help but smile. I love this little guy!! I love his "chicken little" hair.
I love the HUGE gap between his teeth (He has scottface)

I love his laugh

How could I resist loving such a sweet little boy?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

aaaaaaaa ooooooooo

Myles is constantly getting picked up and thrown around by the girls who are just trying to "love him". Consequently Myles screams and throws himself back everytime they try. This morning something amazing happened. Megan went over to Myles to give him a "hug" and he threw his arms around her and said aaaaaaa oooooooo. this was totally out of character. Megan looked up at me and said excitedly "Mom did you hear that?? Myles loves me!" I looked at Myles and said "Love you?" to which he said "aaaaaaaaaa oooooooo" This was such a sweet moment. He is growing up so quickly! He has started taking a few steps here and there but nothing solid yet. Give it another couple of weeks :)

My Mom

My mom called me the other day and said " Jenny, I feel pretty good right now and I haven't seen my kids for a really long time! I need you to bring them over for a couple of minutes, so I can read them a story and tell them how much I love them!" Of course I didn't hesitate. My mom was diagnosed with cancer about three months ago and has had chemotherapy and radiation treatments for the last 2 months. She finally got through them a couple of weeks ago but she is still really sick and weak. The kids and I have tried to stay away in fear of my mom getting sick because she has no immune system. The kids have really missed her and pray for her in every prayer...even the ones they say at church. Anyways...back to my story...I gathered my kids up and took them over. They were so excited to see my mom and be in her house again! My mom read them two books and then we visited for a couple of minutes. My kids have really missed making cookies at grandmas house. That is one of their favorite things to do. So my mom had some cookies and told the kids that they could take them home and enjoy the grandma cookies. We are all looking forward to the day that we can go over and make cookies again. I love that she is my mom and such a wonderful grandma to my kids. She is one of the strongest people I know, She has been though so much and still never thinks of herself. I love you mom! Those couple of minutes ment the world to the kids and I!!
Yesterday we found out that my mom's tumor was gone and everything looks good. Our prayers have been answered!