Monday, January 19, 2009


This morning the girls woke up so excited for Martin Luther King's birthday. They decided that they were going to have a party. Megan went over to the neighbors to play for a little while and make plans for there wonderous party. Soon she came home crying looking like this...

She was doing her hair and it had gotten stuck. No matter how she pulled it, it was not comming out.

After about 15 minutes of pulling and yanking Scott finally was able to get it out. I don't think it was quite the look she was going for...

To add insult to injury Scott and I couldn't help giggling and taking pictures. She was just so cute...

Hopefully someday she will find the humor in it all :)

The kids planned all day in their room for their "party". Including the rules of the party which they posted on the door of the room and anyone who wanted to come to the party had to recite them.

Here is a picture of Hazel and Gisel reciting the party rules...

They danced and ate...

and had a wonderful day.

And of course I have to add a picture of Jace. Today he wore the cutest socks. Scott calls them "gay" but I think they are so sweet.

Sweet right?
I was trying to get a cute shot of Scott holding Jace. I told Scott to smile and this is what he did

This is his "I am so excited you are taking my picture" face. He is kind of a punk.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Mullet

Tuesday I had decided that I was going down to Tri-cities to do a little shopping. The girls were in school so I just had Hazel, Myles, and Jace. My friend Kristen called me that morning and asked if I would cut her daughters hair, and in return I could leave Hazel to play with her 5 year old daughter Sara. I was so excited to be getting away with just the boys. I thought it would make things alot easier...Not so much. Four poopy diapers, nursing for an hour, and only finding one cute shirt for Jace, while chasing after Myles yelling for him to stop swooping all the nicely folded clothes off the tables at baby gap laughing like a little deamon, exhausted after only 3 hours, ready to give up, later, I received a text message from Kristen saying...soooo what do you think of Hazel with short hair? WHAT?! I quickly gave her a call. Apperently Hazel and Sara were playing really quietly in Sara's room. To quietly. Kristen went in to see what they were up to. They found a pair of safty sissors and decided that in order for them to look like twins they both needed hair cuts. Sara decided to cut Hazels hair like hers, oh and color it red with a marker so they would both have red hair. Then Hazel decided that Sara needed a hair cut too. I have to laugh through the tears. I have tried for so long to grow her hair out. What do you do? On the bright side I think Hazel is a way better beautition than Sara. Hazel definently got butched. She looked like she was a roady for Def Leapord. Mullet and all. I did my best to fix what I could but alot of it will just have to grow out. It was beyond repair. especially the 1/2 inch patch on the crown of her head, and both sides cut above her ears, oh, and the eyelashes. ha ha laughing ")

"The Mullet in all lts glory"

The new and "improved" Hazel

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The many faces of Jace


courtesy smile

ninja sleeper

Elvis impersonator

I want my mommy now!!!!!

the nostril flare of total rejection

sweet dreamer

the ultimate yawn

my sweet Jace

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Scott's Update

So I have decided to do a quick update since Jenny will do the "official December Update" later. Before I start updating, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely wife. Today she turned 29; 29 years and 5 kids later she is still smoking hot! For Jenny's birthday we went out to dinner to Famous Daves BBQ (her choice, not mine), and to go and see Twilight (her choice, not mine), in addition to a diversion into Victoria's Secret (my choice, not hers)to gander a little. All in all I had a blast and really enjoy spending time with my wife; as it should be.
I must say that twilight was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, I instantly saw the "high school girl/teenie-bopper" appeal of the whole movie. Oh well, Jenny liked it.
So tonight I remind the kids that today is Jenny's birthday, which caused Megan to ask "Mom, how old are you?" "29 Megy." "Oh, well then you need a wedding cake for all of those candles huh!?" I had to laugh.
A little update on Myles, we have decided that he would have made a lousy pioneer child. Every time he goes outside into the cold, he stops walking, won't move, and just stands there saying "It cold, It cold!" It's kinda funny. I am a little concerned about him, he has this fascination with shoes (mostly Hazel's, hence the concern.) I took a picture tonight to show what he strutted around the house in all night. Freakin ridiculous!

In addition I have to say that Myles in "Time-out" is hilarious. Here is what he looks like.