Sunday, March 21, 2010


So this is gonna be a quick update that hopefully gets everybody caught up...The big news, Jenny is pregnant. We are expecting it to be a little girl, but still no official word from the doctors.

Other news, Megan is going to be baptized this weekend, as odd as it sounds it is going to be Saturday morning at 10:00. I always thought these kinds of things were done in the evening. It was pretty cool, Megan came to jenny and asked how we know if the church is true and if the Book of Mormon is true. Jenny told her that she needed to read the Book of Mormon and pray and ask her Heavenly Father if it was true, this she has been doing for a couple of weeks.

Courtney is working on controlling her temper and making better decisions. Yesterday she only got in trouble twice because of her temper and/or attitude. I was very impressed, mainly because both times she was provoked and she it took a while before she "lost it." I was very proud.

Hazel is doing well in school and behaving as though she is helpless. She tries to get everyone else in the house to do stuff for her that she is capable of doing herself. She can be very helpful. She had a birthday back in the end of Feb and had a good time. Shannon came over and spent the night, she's always a joy to have around.

Myles and Jace are both gun crazy. Myles had his birthday on the 16th of March and got 3 new guns for him to play with, and 8 new water guns. Needless to say guns go everywhere with our group now, even to church, (two just today).


So my wife is professional at Sunday naps. I love this about her because I can put the kids down for quiet time and play the Wii or PS2 or do homework. For those of you who really know my wife she is paranoid about things no one should ever be paranoid about (especially in her dreams). These paranoid delusions range from being consumed during an atomic blast or volcanic eruption with her kids or being scalped on a camping trip on an Indian Reservation (yes that is real). I love her for these "concerned feelings." Today's nap was however a little different. Here's how her adventure today in dream land went...
"So my parents were out running some errands when they came home someone had broken in and stole all of their stuff. The did leave a few things but just about everything was stolen. A few days later we went over to check out just exactly what was stolen and visit. I stepped outside and saw a couple of young teenagers walking out of the house across the street. I followed them down the street to the 7th Day Adventist church. Apparently there was a young teenage theft ring like on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A kid snuck up behind me and pulled my gun out and shoved it in his face and said, 'Back off or I'll shoot you in the face. I'm going to go call the cops.' Just then a couple of girls came out and shoved a gun in my face and said she was going to shoot me. I said,'You can put that gun in my face all you want, it's not going to do you much good if I shoot you in the head first.' I began to run to my moms house and the girls gave chase. The one started to shoot at me, I turned and shot her in the stomach, her friend stopped and said, 'You shot her!" I responded with, "Well, she shouldn't have stolen from my parents!" I ran to the house where Scott was playing with the kids in the yard, still with my gun drawn, I shouted, 'get the kids inside now and hide!' Scott responded, 'Okay!' it was about this time that I was woken up by Scott to go to dinner at my parents house."

All I have to say is my wife is finally having the heroic dreams with guns and Bad A** attitude I have been mocked for having. I can taste the irony!