Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year~!!

Sorry it's been so long. It has been crazy with the holidays. Before the year ended I thought I needed to blog once more to let everyone know that we are still alive and kicking. I have a really long, all in one, December blog comming. I just need to finish organizing pictures. I will get to it someday. We want to wish everyone a great new year! Here are some new pictures of Jace that I took today...he is getting so chunky! Look at those cheeks!! He is 6 weeks old and 10 lbs. I havent forgotten about my other munchkins. Lots of pictures to come. Stay tuned ")

Sunday, December 7, 2008

You should always wear pj's to bed....

This has been a very busy week! Jace is doing really well and the kids are adapting. Our house is a zoo! Tuesday morning Jace woke up at 3:00am and ate, I checked my blood sugars to make sure they wern't too low, and went back to bed. Apperantly sometime during the night I slipped into a diabetic coma. My mom called me to ask a question around noon. When Hazel answered she told my mom that I was still sleeping and that she and Myles could not wake me up. Then she herd Jace crying and felt she should come and see what was going on. When she got to my house Hazel and Myles were in the living room watching a movie. Jace was in the room with me crying. My mom couldn't wake me so she called an ambulance. I remember waking up to my mom by my bed with a panic look on her face, holding Jace. I kept trying to talk but I could only slur a couple of words. She told me that I had been in a coma and that the ambulance was here to take me to the hospital. I started to panic when I found out that my kids had been on there own all morning...haden't eaten, or been changed, or had anyone to watch over them....PANIC! They took me to the hospital. by the time I got there I was okay. They had me eat some lunch and I was released. My mom called Scott at school. all she could say is Jenny's in a coma!! Scott rushed home in a panic. Scott leaves with the girls for school around 7:30. He said that Jace was crying when he left so he came in and brought him to me and I just nursed him in bed. Just acted really tired. When I got home I realized that my glasses were broken...Myles, in trying to wake me, broke them. He knows that when mom wakes up she puts her glasses on and I needed to wake up. I was so proud of Hazel for taking care of Myles and Jace as much as she could while I was in the coma. What a big girl. And I am especially thankful to my mom for listening to her gut and realizing that everything wasn't okay, and being willing to come check on us. I have a great mom! Looking back on the experience I am soooo greatful that I was wearing pj's to bed!! for everyones sake! here are a couple of pics from last week

The first pic is my favorite because it looks like Jace is giving me the stink eye ")