Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Lila

So Lila made it here tonight. Our day started at 7:00 am with a trip to Spokane to see Jenny's specialist and have an amnio done. When we left for Spokane Jenny was having regular contractions (not unusual for the past several days). We get there, do a quick ultrasound, jenny had twice as much amniotic fluid as a "normal" pregnant woman would have, They do the amnio and tell us it will be about 6 hours til results are in. Jenny is hooked up to some monitors to make sure the amnio didn't put her into labor/make her water break. She was contracting the entire time and was checked before we left...she was dilated to a 3. Doc lady tells us to go home and don't doddle. We head home, get to the hospital at 3:15ish. By now Jenny had dilated to a 4.5/5, they could feel her "sack," Dr. Elali comes in and pops water at about 6 o'clock. Lila progresses real well on her own, several fantastic pushes and she is almost out, however Jenny was running out of steam. The super head vacuum thingy was used and at 8:52 Lila was the newest citizen of Othello.
During this the amnio results came back saying her lungs were very much not mature...they needed to score a 50 on their little testy thing and hers were a 24. They had called a specialist team to fly in from Spokane before Jenny's water was broke as a precaution. The decision was made to send her off regardless; this way if something were to happen she would be where she needed to be to get help. Othello isn't really known for their ICU. When she was born her heart rate was hovering around 200bpm, but her O2 saturation was 96-99%. Lungs were working great. Her blood sugar when born was 149, but just before leaving it dropped down to 60. I called about 11:00 and Lila had just gotten to the NICU. Her vitals were great, breathing fine, heart rate dropped down to the 150s, but her blood sugar dropped down even farther to around 30. She is currently sitting in Spokane in the NICU and will be there for a minimum of 3-4 days (Dr.'s orders). It's kinda fun because she looks just like Hazel and Myles did...Dr. Elali said we should put all of their pics side by side and see if we can tell them apart. I may have to do that and see just who can. I am not convinced I could myself.