Monday, July 26, 2010

Stupid *** Kid!

So it has been way too long since our last post. We really have been very busy, especially in July. We had a very interesting thing happen tonight, Jenny and I were sitting down watching a stupid movie called Neptune's Daughter (has nothing to do with mythology) when there's a loud thumping on our back door. I grab a knife (closest weapon I had; Yes I always take a weapon with me to my door at night considering the neighborhood I live in)and go answer it. There's a lady who only says "The Dumpster by your house is on fire!" HUH!?! RUN THAT PAST ME AGAIN!?! So yes, some unimaginably stupid kid decided it would be fun to light the dumpster by our house on fire...oh and by the way that damn dumpster is only about 10 feet from my freaking house! I run out and sure enough flames filling the sky about 10 feet high, heat permeating around the scorching steel receptacle. I do what I have always been told not to do if your house/property is on fire...I got my trusty garden hose and began shooting the plastic lid of the dumpster to keep those flames from hitting my rain gutters and siding keeping the fire from burning down my house. The lady who banged on our door was on the line with 911 so it only took a few minutes for them to get there which was nice. Here are the aftermath pics.

They filled the dumpster about half way or more with water before they left.