Saturday, September 29, 2007

My secret public journal...

Well I have been feeling a little bit left out listening to everyone talk about blogs and all the funny things that are posted; so damnit I decided I would join in on the fun and start my own.
Today Jenny drug me around today taking pictures. i am still not sure why we had to get all dolled up and then go sit in a dirty, garbage scatterd alley way behind some low budget house. I asked her why we were taking pictures today, when there were so many other things I would like to do, she didnt know either. Her response was, "Why not?" I thought to myself, I know that answer, it's the answer I give my kids when I may not have a good reason for doing somthing. I felt used!
Well I am still student teaching in Warden. I ahve a great master teacher to tell me what it is I am doing that sucks! I have a great group of kids who listen to me half the time, (mostly when they want something!) By next week I will be teaching the class full-time, which I am and am not looking forward to. Right now I have to write up about 15+ detailed lesson plans each week. Now by detailed I mean almost word for word, step by individual step, through the whole freaking lesson. I hate it. It takes me about 2-3 days to get all of my stupid lesson plans written up for a whole week, while it only takes me about 1-2 hours to plan out the activities. Something is not right with that! This is getting rather stressful, simply becuase if I dont do a good job at this free labor I am doing, they can make me do it again...oh pinch me!!
So I am stressing out trying to figure out how to teach 23 kids ranging from very below grade level (around 1st to 2nd grade) to very abave grade level (about 6th to 7th grade.) I have gotten into this bad habit of thinking about how "bad/stressful" my life is; I was pleasntly reminded that what I am going through is only a fraction of what my loving wife goes through, (basically raising 4 kdis solo.)
i got a phone call detailing a very hectic day being caped off with a little bit of classic childhood "exploration." This helped me see that I have a great wife who has to deal with much more than I do. She is a special lady and deserves all the love I can giver her plus more. She really is the person who keeps our house running smoothly. I love her and couldn't have asked for a better wife, mother, adn friend.