Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holy Crap it's been a while

Okay, so it has been a real long time since an update...I think the best way to update is going to be to list it:
1) On the 27th of February Hazel turned 7. She got a new bike...Awesome!
2) On the 6th of May Megan turned 9 and got a new mountain bike...Awesome!
3) On the 16th of May Myles turned 4 and got a new bike...Awesome!
4) On May 18, Scott started coaching the middle school boys soccer team. He is having a great time and thinks coaching is right up his ally.
5) For Spring break Jenn took the girls down to Utah to see her sister and ex-in-laws. Had a great time and got Lila a lot of new clothes from Kathy...Thanks Kathy.
6) Over Spring break Scott and the boys built a dresser (well mostly Scott since Jace would scream like a little girl whenever a machine would turn on.) Here is a pic.

7) Scott also bought two new guns which are way too much fun to shoot. One is an ATI GSG rifle, and the other is a Ruger Mark III 22/45. Both are 22lr which makes them even more fun to shoot.