Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well this month we...

Where to begin, well today we spent most of the day cleaning. This was Megan's contribution (among other things.) I had her scrub out the tubs, sinks, counters, and toilets. Her only comment the whole time was "When do I get to clean the toilets?"

This month the girls spent an entire week going to "Cheer-camp" in Warden. The high school cheer leaders put on a little week long clinic to help raise money. The girls wanted to go and participate so we sighned them up. They had a lot of fun, and have been running around cheering everywhere all the time. They will be walking down the an at Wal-Mart singing and clapping some cheer.

While at the football game myles was extremely excited, he kept "ooohing and awwwwing" while pointing down to the players. When the girls were out cheering he was clapping and dancing with them.

I sent a text to several of you letting you know how cool of a car I have. For those of you who were not so's the official announcement of how cool my car is. While I was driving, I was wondering just how far I could go on one tank of gas before my gas light turned on. I took a picture as soon as the light kicked on. If you can't read the milage, it is 499.3 miles.

I can't remember if I blogged about it or not, but this summer when we were on our way camping, something happened to the Durango that I had never seen, Here is the picture.

I came in to put Hazel to bed this past week, there she was laying in bed all smiles and coverd up just waiting. I go in and see her staring up at me with this goofy grin and face decorated as shown. I asked her what happened to her face, "Its my nake-up dad." "What did you use to put on your make-up?" "The blue pen!" Oh my gosh! Seriously!

I am not sure if it was this month, or last but we went to the Adams Coutny Fair with the kids on dollar night. All tickets are $1, it's the only night we ever consider going out; mainly becuase the adams county fair is rediculously stupid and I will not pay full price to go to something so lame. Here are some pictures of what we did.

To finish our day we went to our aunts house to raid her pumpkin patch. All the kids had a blast, even Myles. We tried to get myles to choose a smaller pumpkin he could carry. HE WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH SMALL PUMPKINS! I had to laugh at him. Tommorrow we will go to my class and paint them together. Jenn said we cant carve them because the kids cant use the knives. WHATEVER!

And last but not least, last weekend I helped my father-in-law finish off his new deck; then man lift a 600 pound hot tub into place. Good times. It looks great

Well almost last, these pictures are just to funny. One is Myles taking a bath and the other is just fun features on my phone.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Amazing Wife

My wife wanted me to call her today since I will be gone all day long...well I have decided that instead of calling her (since she is on the computer a lot checking blogs anyways), I will surprise her with a blog listing all the reasons I adore her.
1) She is gorgeous
2) She has a wonderful sense of humor
3) She my baby mama
4) Her taste in music (although angry music) is actually good
5) She is a carnivore
6) She is a fabulous mother
7) She has supported me through 5+ years of school
8) She is slowly turning herself into a Machine like Darth Vador (insulin pump)
9) She gets ridiculously excited about fabric
10) She gets ridiculously excited about baby clothes
11) She is an incredible wife
12) She loves to go camping
13) She wants to own a hand gun and concealed weapons permit
14) She can make tamales
15) She is very understanding
16) She is compassionate
17) Her testimony is unwavering
18) She teaches her children to read the scriptures and live the gospel
19) She teachers by example (both good and bad)
20) She loves bacon
21) Her boobs a perfect size
22) She loves being outside
23) She loves window shopping
24) Even though she was pregnant, she went camping with me twice this summer
25) Her chicken noodle soup is freaking awesome
25) She loves kids
26) She thinks I am better than I think I am
27) She tries hard to get to know people who are important to me
28) She tells me when I am being an ass
29) She wanted a garden this summer and "let" me plant it, tend it, &share the spoils
30) She hates animals like I do (except for pug puppies. I don't know!)
31) She said YES.
32) She likes to drive as much as I do
33) She looks freaking hot in her Durango
34) She wants to learn to snowboard
35) She smiles when its hard or hurts
36) She is extremely patient
37) She loves movies
38) We enjoy the same shows on TV (yes on our 3 channels)
39) The simple things mean the most to her
40) She is a great "cuddler" in bed

Babe, you're the best!