Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dad and Onions

Okay so I know it has been a long time...but my wife is more interested in facebook than blogging. Thus our family "journal" is not being written in as often as it needs to be. So I guess it falls on me to document our families growth and experiences.

Hazel went to a pumpkin patch and got pumpkins for Halloween, they brought back 7 pumpkins so everyone got to use these weird face pieces, similar to Mr. Potato Head parts. Megan is sitting at the kitchen table looking at our pumpkins then says, "Dad, you don't have a pumpkin. You need to get a pumpkin and decorate it. Or maybe you can decorate an onion, cause sometimes you make everyone cry!"

Thank you Megan!

So let's see, Jenny has begun school out at Big Bend. She is taking 2 online courses and one night class on T/TH. She is having a good time and learning a lot. Every now and then she shares her new found knowledge, it's cute to watch. Overall she seems happily stressed about it.

Now, because of these new classes, Jenny is rather busy doing her school work, so that means her normal "work/chores/jobs/etc" aren't getting done as ritualistically as before. I am trying to help the kids understand that with mom going to class we need to step up and take over some of these jobs...the kids are not taking to this as I would have liked. Instead of offering to help, the kids have increased their animosity, defiance, and cleverness at avoiding work. We have tried talking, explaining, reasoning, and consequences. Nothing seemed to click in their heads. So, per Jenny's request, I made a paddle much like the one my mother had. Because nothing seemed to be clicking in their heads, I gave them a "test run" of the paddle to sink into their heads what is waiting for them should they continue not to listen, lie, cheat, why am I telling you all of this...why would I document that I use a paddle on my kids...?

Today the girls were asked to clean up their bedroom at around 1:30; around 4:00 I reminded them (for the 4th time of the day) that they needed to get their room done if they wanted to go with us to diner at a friends house. They did not get it done, they did not go with us to diner. While we were out they snuck out, got jenny's phone and used it to access netflix and watch movies while we were gone. Jenny figures it out and asks the kids, "Were you girls watching movies on my phone?" The girls just look at her with a panic on their face, after about 10 seconds they respond, "We don't want to lie and get spanked...yes mom, we watched movies." Jenny expressed her disappointment and sent them to bed. Bottom line...They are LEARNING!!! Over all the climate in our home has changed with less fighting, arguing, and more help and cooperation (except for today).

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh Wow...That's Hilarious

Okay, so there has been a couple of stories and comments made by my kids that have had me cracking up lately. I decided that I had better document them so I don't forget them.

Story #1

So I am swimming with the kids at the in-laws and having a great time. Megan asks: "Dad, what does BFFFM stand for?"
"I don't know Meg, what?"
Best Friends For Five Minutes!"
This guessing game continues with Megan only changing the time duration, super sneaky I know. Finally she says: "Dad, what does BFFFMNFAOMTY stand for?"
"What the heck! I have no idea! What does BFFFMNFAOMTY stand for?"
"I can't tell you dad."
"Tell me Megan or your walking home."
"Its a secret between Kayla D (Megs best friend) and me. If I tell you then she won't be my friend anymore. If she isn't my friend any more then we wont go to college together and be roommates, then we wont go on a mission together (Kayla D is not a member of our church; but very positive thinking on Megs part) and be partners together. Besides its a secret language between us friends."
"Oh so you are speaking IDIOT."
"No dad, I am not from ITALY."

Story #2

So Myles' Sunbeam class can best be described as an extremely testosterone filled class with a little side order of estrogen. Examples include a love triangle, several lengthy "discussions" about poop, celebratory fist pumps when something is awesome, and the need to separate the group into two intentionally divided classes supervised by two parents in each class. That's the's the story.
Today Myles decided that his fingers were machine guns (typical), and that the Primary presidency were enemy combatants (typical). He decided to execute his blitzkrieg attack during sharing time with loud machine gun fire directed at the music instructor (the mom of another boy in his class) (not typical, kinda new). Jenny stopped him and threatened his life and said she might have to sit by him. He decided that since his position had been compromised by his loud machine gun, it was no longer the effective weapon of choice, so he silenced it. Now the gun fire was quiet whispers. Jenny stops him again and moves next to him and says "Either put your gun away or I am going to take it away!" Myles looks at her, puts his hands (GUN) in his pockets and sits quietly for a few minutes. Then he rearms himself with pistols and continues his slaughter of innocent primary leaders, occasionally turning around and in sighting riots and support from his fellow insurgents in his class. Jenny grabs Myles and says, "Give me that gun!"
"Okay mom." he puts his gun shaped hand on hers and opens his fingers, then takes his hand back to his lap and sits quietly for about 1 minute. Then, his little hand makes its way back into his pocket and is transformed miraculously into another firearm for him to continue his mass genocide. This is repeated about 5-6 more times with Jenny taking every gun he could create. Finally a simple wiggle song was sung and his attention was grasped. Little Punk!

Story #3

So Swimming with the kids at the in-laws, same day as Megan's story, playing, splashing, dunking, throwing, and all around enjoying each others company. I start talking to Courtney and then notice something on her forehead. It's the multiplication "X"!
"Courtney, what is on your forehead?"
"Oh, Kimberly (our neighbor/good friend) has one of those vacuum bag pumps, so I put it on my forehead and pumped it. Kim told me not to, but I did it anyway."
"Did the end look like a plus sign?"
"Yeah, I know I got bruised."
"No Court, you have a hickey."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holy Crap it's been a while

Okay, so it has been a real long time since an update...I think the best way to update is going to be to list it:
1) On the 27th of February Hazel turned 7. She got a new bike...Awesome!
2) On the 6th of May Megan turned 9 and got a new mountain bike...Awesome!
3) On the 16th of May Myles turned 4 and got a new bike...Awesome!
4) On May 18, Scott started coaching the middle school boys soccer team. He is having a great time and thinks coaching is right up his ally.
5) For Spring break Jenn took the girls down to Utah to see her sister and ex-in-laws. Had a great time and got Lila a lot of new clothes from Kathy...Thanks Kathy.
6) Over Spring break Scott and the boys built a dresser (well mostly Scott since Jace would scream like a little girl whenever a machine would turn on.) Here is a pic.

7) Scott also bought two new guns which are way too much fun to shoot. One is an ATI GSG rifle, and the other is a Ruger Mark III 22/45. Both are 22lr which makes them even more fun to shoot.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lila is nearly 5 months

Saturday, January 22, 2011

the woman

Tuesday I took Courtney to meet with the cleft palate team in Yakima. We went to the valley mall for lunch, and while we were eating a little old couple walked past us. I had Lila in the moby wrap sleeping, I heard the little old man say "Oh, Look hun, A new baby!" The woman started walking slowly toward me. She reached our table and asked about the baby. While I was telling her that Lila was 4 months old the woman reached out and started stroking her face so gently. Her eyes started to water. She then told me that when she was young she had a 2 year old little boy and was expecting her 2nd, a little girl. When she arrived into the world she was perfect the most beautiful little girl she had ever seen. She was so happy. Then they found out that she had a heart defect. Her little MaryKate died 5 days later. The little old woman then testified to me that she had lived her life in a way that she would see and hold her little girl again.
I stood there teary eyed, with a new appreciation for my children. Feeling so blessed. I can't get this experience out of my mind. I think the lord knew I needed to hear her story just as much as this woman needed to share her story. We didn't talk religion. I just told her that I knew she would get to hold her again. The woman thanked us for listening to her and for letting her touch our little one. I am so excited for this lady to someday meet and hold her little girl.
I've been looking at my life in a whole new light since tuesday. slipping in a couple more hugs, listening more intently to what my kids have to say, tucking them in extra tight at night. I am so grateful for the chance to be a mom to the most awesome kids I know.
I will live my life so I can be eternally with my family :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I know you are jealous....

Everyone should get a picture riding Shamu! We had an amazing time. I think this one is going up on the wall as our new family portrait.

Friday, December 31, 2010

A Brief Update

Here is a brief photo update

All the girls got a Nintendo DS

Disney Land was a blast

Scott is not as strong as he thought he was

Neither were the kids