Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dad and Onions

Okay so I know it has been a long time...but my wife is more interested in facebook than blogging. Thus our family "journal" is not being written in as often as it needs to be. So I guess it falls on me to document our families growth and experiences.

Hazel went to a pumpkin patch and got pumpkins for Halloween, they brought back 7 pumpkins so everyone got to use these weird face pieces, similar to Mr. Potato Head parts. Megan is sitting at the kitchen table looking at our pumpkins then says, "Dad, you don't have a pumpkin. You need to get a pumpkin and decorate it. Or maybe you can decorate an onion, cause sometimes you make everyone cry!"

Thank you Megan!

So let's see, Jenny has begun school out at Big Bend. She is taking 2 online courses and one night class on T/TH. She is having a good time and learning a lot. Every now and then she shares her new found knowledge, it's cute to watch. Overall she seems happily stressed about it.

Now, because of these new classes, Jenny is rather busy doing her school work, so that means her normal "work/chores/jobs/etc" aren't getting done as ritualistically as before. I am trying to help the kids understand that with mom going to class we need to step up and take over some of these jobs...the kids are not taking to this as I would have liked. Instead of offering to help, the kids have increased their animosity, defiance, and cleverness at avoiding work. We have tried talking, explaining, reasoning, and consequences. Nothing seemed to click in their heads. So, per Jenny's request, I made a paddle much like the one my mother had. Because nothing seemed to be clicking in their heads, I gave them a "test run" of the paddle to sink into their heads what is waiting for them should they continue not to listen, lie, cheat, why am I telling you all of this...why would I document that I use a paddle on my kids...?

Today the girls were asked to clean up their bedroom at around 1:30; around 4:00 I reminded them (for the 4th time of the day) that they needed to get their room done if they wanted to go with us to diner at a friends house. They did not get it done, they did not go with us to diner. While we were out they snuck out, got jenny's phone and used it to access netflix and watch movies while we were gone. Jenny figures it out and asks the kids, "Were you girls watching movies on my phone?" The girls just look at her with a panic on their face, after about 10 seconds they respond, "We don't want to lie and get spanked...yes mom, we watched movies." Jenny expressed her disappointment and sent them to bed. Bottom line...They are LEARNING!!! Over all the climate in our home has changed with less fighting, arguing, and more help and cooperation (except for today).