Saturday, January 22, 2011

the woman

Tuesday I took Courtney to meet with the cleft palate team in Yakima. We went to the valley mall for lunch, and while we were eating a little old couple walked past us. I had Lila in the moby wrap sleeping, I heard the little old man say "Oh, Look hun, A new baby!" The woman started walking slowly toward me. She reached our table and asked about the baby. While I was telling her that Lila was 4 months old the woman reached out and started stroking her face so gently. Her eyes started to water. She then told me that when she was young she had a 2 year old little boy and was expecting her 2nd, a little girl. When she arrived into the world she was perfect the most beautiful little girl she had ever seen. She was so happy. Then they found out that she had a heart defect. Her little MaryKate died 5 days later. The little old woman then testified to me that she had lived her life in a way that she would see and hold her little girl again.
I stood there teary eyed, with a new appreciation for my children. Feeling so blessed. I can't get this experience out of my mind. I think the lord knew I needed to hear her story just as much as this woman needed to share her story. We didn't talk religion. I just told her that I knew she would get to hold her again. The woman thanked us for listening to her and for letting her touch our little one. I am so excited for this lady to someday meet and hold her little girl.
I've been looking at my life in a whole new light since tuesday. slipping in a couple more hugs, listening more intently to what my kids have to say, tucking them in extra tight at night. I am so grateful for the chance to be a mom to the most awesome kids I know.
I will live my life so I can be eternally with my family :)