Friday, March 27, 2009

Brent Jay

I went down to Spokane to visit my sister last week and meet my new nephew Brent. Isn't he adorable?? (by the way misty... This is lesson 4 part 1. I am a little behind)I turned of my flash and used natural light only, facing the window. I think they turned out so cute...or maybe its just the sweet baby and all his hair. I can't get enough of him.

Monday, March 16, 2009

3 Birthdays and a Nephew Later...

So I have noticed that it is not easy enough for me to update daily, so I wait, and wait, and wait. Then I discover that so much has transpired that I am not able to do a "quick" update which causes me to be not so motivated to write anything. Thus the reasons for not posting for a month. Oh well get over it! I have decided to update through photos...everyone loves photos.

Our first photo has a fun little story behind it. Courtney decided it would be a great idea one day to trade coats with a "friend" at school. Now here's the kicker, they both wore the exact same coat! So Courtney brought the girls coat home, we discovered it wasn't hers...Courtney tried to get hers back...girl wouldn't trade back...I had to get involved and embarrass the little girl in front of her friends at school. The moral of our story that Megan took away was LABEL YOUR STUFF!!!

Shortly after this fun filled day we celebrated Hazel's 5th birthday. It's hard to believe that she is 5 already and will be starting kindergarten next year with me at Warden. Time really does fly. For Hazel's birthday we decorated cupcakes that Hazel and Jenny made. We had to have that "delicious" icing from a can because it was PINK. She is such a nut! To top off the evening she had to have the worlds longest and skinniest candles, these things are like mini aborigine hunting darts! However they did sparkle which was cool; like little sparklers on top of the cupcake.

A week later Megan had her birthday. Unfortunately There are no pictures because Jenny's new camera ran out of batteries and consequently didn't work. At the same time I was up in Canada so I only heard about the fun that was had. For starters, I know that Megan wanted to have a Bowling party. So off jenny went to Grandma's house to play the Wii. Megan is actually really good at Wii Bowling, kinda pisses me off! She's raking in scores like 230+. After a fun filled evening of kicking everyone butt at bowling, they went for a dip in the hot tub. All in all I think she had a great birthday. I was told today that Megan even made her own cake...because she wanted to!

8 days later we get a text message from Liz telling us she had her baby. A little boy named Brent Jay Cunningham. He is adorable, you can check out their blog to see pics. Only because Liz saw fit to post a fantastically "vintage" picture of me on her blog some time ago (from high school) I feel it only fair to return the favor! Here is Liz receiving gifts at her baby shower! I call this the many faces of Liz.

Finally tonight we celebrated Myles birthday. He is two years old today and every bit a little spit fire punk. He has learned to say No in the correct context, but not at the best times. Good examples of this are Myles go to bed...NO! Lay down Myles...NO! Little punk! For his birthday Myles had Chicken wings. He loves my chicken wings. This is just a funny picture. Grandma and Grandpa got him a Diego tri-cycle that goes in the bathtub. You pull the string and it pedals through the water. It's cute! He also got a new remote control Jeep Rubicon and a soccer goal with cones and ball. He loved it. I set it up for him tonight and he sat there for a good 20+ minutes kicking his soccer balls into the goal. He loves soccer. He will sit and watch our little Pele wannabe neighbors play all afternoon. He will run around out there wit them and try to play. So I figured let him go with it!
All in all we are doing great, Jenny is a Lotte under the weather, which should pass in a day or two. That's what we got going on here...update ya in another month or so!